HAFA ADAI and Welcome to Tongan Resort!
Your premiere destination for all things fun on the island of Guam.


Relax on your own Private Beach on Guam


TONGAN is one of Guam's Private Beach Resort. Stroll along your own private beach, wade in the turquoise waters, enjoy our selection of kayak, pedal boat, and snorkeling activities among others.
You can also enjoy our Swimming Pool or Bicycle around our resort.
And when you're ready enjoy our delicious Island Barbecue Lunch!!!

Adventure to the leaf with a kayak
pedal boat
A pedal boat trip to the reef
Play with fish snorkeling
beach chair
Relax on a beach chair
Tongan Resort Family Golf Course
  • A simplified golf course ”TONGAN FAMILY GOLF COURSE” is born in Guam! !

    Aesthetically, it resembles a sport somewhere between golf and croquet. The competitive object of the game is to hit the ball into a hole with a club in the fewest number of strokes. At the same time, there is also a strong emphasis on harmony with other players and the natural setting of the course.

    A single ball and club are sufficient for a game. Courses are short and the physical strain of the game is low. The cost of playing is also low and the rules are simple. For this reason, it is a good sport for children and families.


Facility image

Beach plans



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